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Assistant Referee & Offside

Under 12’s and up play with Offside.  Each team must supply one Assistant Referee (Linesman/Lineswoman) from the Parent group for both home and away games.

The number one job of the Assistant Referee is wave your flag when a player is offside to alert the Referee.

Offside?  What is offside?

Glad you asked, below is all the information you need to get started with offside, There is 3 different short videos and if you want to get into the depths of the rule we have the link to FIFA's Rule online Rule book for you. 

Where should you stand as and Assistant Referee?

Best practice when new to the role is in line with the last Defender and don't go past the centre line to the other end of the pitch.

This last Video is from US Soccer, it contains advice for those starting including positioning.

We don't expect our parents to run as much as these Assistant Refs do.

What is the Offside Rule


Offside video 2 Minute watch

Short Video showing offside to help explain the rule.

Offside video 3 Minute watch

Short Video showing offside to help explain the rule.

Advice for Assistant Referee

4-Minute Video produced by US Soccer 

FIFA Rule 11

The Nitty-Gritty of the rule 

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