Address: PO Box 984 Mt Eliza VIC 3930    Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
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Mount Eliza Soccer Club

MESC Facebook
MESC Facebook

Mount Eliza Soccer Club's main grounds are Emil Madsen Reserve on Wooralla Drive Mount Eliza.

The Soccer grounds are located at the far end of the complex, follow the road as you drive in.

If there is an AFL (Mount Eliza Red Legs Football team) game in progress there will be gatekeepers collecting an entry fee, just inform them you are there for the soccer, and they will wave you on.

Matches are also held at Mount Eliza Secondary School oval, enter from Mount Eliza Way Mount Eliza

Gary Talbot Technical Director

Charity Partner

Glen Saunderson

50 Mount Eliza Way 3930

Phone 03 9776 3270

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