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Junior 12 to 16

What will the format be?

U12 =  1-2 training sessions per week with one match on SATURDAY mornings.

U13-16 = 1- 2 training sessions per week and one match on SUNDAY afternoon.


When will the program commence?

Pre-season training squads/assessment will commence in February/March, we will also be holding an 8 week pre-season training program by Stuart Munroe.

Home and away season usually starts at the end of first term. 

Where will training be?
Training will be held at Mt Eliza Secondary College or Emil Madsen Reserve. 

Shin Pads must be worn to training and matches – this is compulsory. No shin pads no play.

What age group does my child play for?

U12 – Those born in 2008 (or after)
U13 – Those born in 2007 (or after)
U14 – Those born in 2006 (or after)
U15 – Those born in 2005 (or after)
U16 – Those born in 2004 (or after)

I have a girl who wishes to play. Does she have to play in a girls only team?
MESC allows girls and boys to play together in a mixed team until under 14s. At under 14’s girls still wishing to play
soccer must play in a girls only team in a girls only competition. .

Does MESC grade players?
Where there is the opportunity to field more than one team, players will be graded, so they play at their equivalent
skill level. MESC provide a flexible grading system which allows for grading of players from under 12’s and overall
grading of teams throughout all age groups to ensure teams are entered into the most suitable league for the home
and away season.

Why do we grade players?
The reason we grade players is because it allows us to tailor training to suit players abilities. Some players may have
advanced abilities and may need to have training that is a little more challenging but others may be just starting out
or may require a little more time to develop so training may not be as intense. For those players who wish to stay
together in the same team, this is possible however the grade at which the team is placed in for the competition will
be to suit the team overall and take into account the mixed skill level as appropriate. Grading players provides the
opportunity to all players to play in a team which is best suited to their skill level so as they can get the most out of
their playing experience and play in a team that is considered the ‘best fit’ for them as an individual.

Is there a discount for a second child?
Yes 10%

Do I have to do anything?
MESC is a true community club. We want you to attend to support your child and the team, while offering your
services to assist when rostered by the Team Manager, whether that to be assisting the coach, bringing a half time
revitalising snack, in the canteen, or where your skills may help the club. We encourage all parents to help support
the club by volunteering for a committee role, or just even assist with one of the many tasks that need to be
completed throughout the year.

Is there any training outside of the team training?
MESC will be offering additional skills training sessions both in season and out of season in 2017. A summary is
supplied below however, further details on the specifics of these additional skills training programs and the dates
they are offered will be available on our website.
 Additional player development sessions offered during the home and away season. Provided in blocks of 10
sessions to all players in the club. Participants are grouped according to skill level and age group and
program designed appropriately for entry/beginners, intermediate level and advanced level players.
 Additional player development clinics offered out of season – October to December and Pre-season end Jan
to March. Participants are grouped according to skill level and age group and program designed
appropriately for entry/beginners, intermediate level and advanced level players.
 Holiday clinics offered in the June and September school holidays. 3 day program for 3 hours each day.
All of these programs are aimed at:
- Improving player skills, whatever their position or ability
- Making players and quicker and more agile with and without the ball
- Ensuring players enjoy their football more, regardless of ability

What do I need to bring?
Each player must have their own football boots, shin guards and a drink bottle.

How do I register?

Registrations are now open:  https://mtelizasoccerclub.tidyhq.com/public/memberships/new

Mt Eliza Soccer Club Committee