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This policy outlines our procedures for safe transport after club games, special events, functions and
other club-related activities where alcohol may be consumed. It represents our club’s commitment
to its members, volunteers and visitors, acknowledging the role that sporting clubs and associations
play in building strong and healthy communities.
This policy will help to ensure our club:

Ensuring members, visitors and guests getting to and from club games, activities and events safely is
an important part of being a responsible, healthy club.
While Mount Eliza Soccer Club wishes to avoid club members becoming intoxicated and notes the
recommendation by the National Health and Medical Research Council to consume no more than
four drinks in one sitting, as part of our club’s duty of care we encourage our members to plan safe
transport home. This will reduce the risk of drink-driving, injury or worse.
Alcohol and drugs affect pedestrians and drivers’ abilities to stay safe. They affect decision-making,
reaction times, speed and distance judgements, concentration, balance, perception and alertness. It
can also increase risk-taking behaviour by giving a pedestrian or driver a false sense of confidence.
Sporting clubs such as ours help prevent drink driving related tragedies in the community by
improving safety around transport and minimising the risk of developing a drinking culture.

Our club recognises that:

- Drink driving is one of the main causes of road deaths in Australia.

This safe transport policy applies for all activities undertaken by the club that involve the serving
and/or consumption of alcohol.
Our club will:
Promote strategies that encourage members to plan how they’ll get home safely before they go
out e.g. pre-arranged transport.
 Print safe transport messages on relevant club activity and event invitations or flyers.
 Ensure the MC for events or club committee members advise attendees that the club is a Good
Sports accredited club, communicate the safe transport options and regularly remind attendees
to behave responsibly around alcohol.
 Ensure telephone calls can be made free of charge to call a sober person to provide transport
from the club or venue.
Where available, our club will also consider:
 Use of a club or community bus (such as council, school or tourist buses) and:
 The bus or transport provided will be an alcohol-free zone (i.e. no alcohol will be
permitted on the bus).
 The bus will not be used to transport members between licensed venues.
 People who have consumed alcohol can get home safely from the bus drop off point
 Use a range of taxi or ride share strategies such as:
 Free telephone calls to arrange a taxi to provide transport from the club or venue.
 The club committee will pre-order taxis to arrive at a club or venue at the conclusion of
a club event or function.
 Encourage club members to utilise a ride share service.

Whilst engaging in club activities, members, volunteers and visitors will:
 Accept responsibility for their own behaviour, use good judgment and take a responsible
approach towards alcohol consumption.
 Encourage and assist others to use good judgment regarding alcohol consumption.
 Make alternative transport arrangements to get to and from the activity safely.
 Share a taxi or ride share (where available) with friends.
 Consider arranging overnight accommodation.

Our club will:
 Educate members, volunteers and guests about our policy and the benefits of having such a
 Implement strategies to create awareness of safe transport messages to club members (e.g.
display standard drink posters/ cards to help patrons recognise what standard drinks are and
the implications on drink driving).
 Ensure this policy is easily accessible and will promote it via [our website, newsletters, social
media, announcements during events and functions].

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects
both community expectations and legal requirements.

Gary Talbot Technical Director

Charity Partner

Glen Saunderson

50 Mount Eliza Way 3930

Phone 03 9776 3270

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