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Mount Eliza Soccer Club

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Parents as Spectators.

Code of Conduct.

In addition to the Mount Eliza Soccer Clubs code of conduct policy, our club is committed to creating a safe, respectful and positive atmosphere in which players, officials, members and families can thrive.  Accordingly, all parents of junior players are committed to the following behaviours:

• Respect the referee’s decisions – don’t complain or argue about decisions during or after a game.
• Unsportsmanlike language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Encourage players to play by the rules and to respect opposition players and officials.
• Never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts.
• Condemn all violent or illegal acts, whether they are by players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators.
• Understand that sport is part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.
• Participate in positive cheering that encourages the players in the team you are supporting; do not engage in any cheering that taunts or intimidates opponents, their fans or officials.
• Remember that children participate for their own enjoyment, not yours!
• At all times, follow the directions of the Ground Manager and/or other duty officials.
• Never arrive at a game under the influence of alcohol.
Contravention of the Parents as Spectators.

Parents or others found to have behaved inappropriately, and who are associate members or have agreed to abide by our clubs Code of Conduct and this policy,
may face disciplinary action. The determination as to sanctions will be as directed by at least two members of the committee.

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