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Skill Assessments

Pre-season skills assessments 



Q: What is the Club’s policy on player development?

For children playing in our youth competition we want to ensure that every team is able to maximise  their enjoyment and sense of achievement. Mt Eliza soccer club will continue to keep In line with  Football Victoria (FV) guidelines that suggests that assessing players’ skill development before Under 12 is not recommended. Therefore, at Mt Eliza we will only assess players’ skill  development for those in these age groups and where their child would like to challenge themselves  to play at an advanced level. It is important to note that Mt Eliza’s policy is to foster development,  community, encouragement and build confident football players whatever skill level they may have.   We are a community based club that attempts to support all players that register for our club.

1. If your child wants to continue playing with their friends then the club will do everything it  can to support this and keep teams together that want to stay together regardless of their  age group.

2. Therefore, all Joeys/Wallabies teams will be formed based on previous teams and or friendship  groups where possible.

3. Equally, if you child wants to challenge themselves and try to play at a more advanced level then the club also wants to support your child’s endeavours.

4. If the club has an appetite from players, parents and coaches to play Kangaroos level in the  Under 10 and Under 11 age groups it will be considered. As already stated this is not compulsory and  would only be feasible if there were enough players at the right stage of their development.

Q: Who needs to attend the skills assessment?

The skills assessment is only for the U11’s-U16s. The U6’s-U10’s do not need to attend because  these age groups are learning the fundamentals of the game and it’s not until they reach the age of  U11+ that we need to ensure the teams are balanced.

Q: If my child is playing in the all-girls team do I need to attend?

The skills assessment is only for the mixed and all boy teams and if your child is playing in a girl only  team, then they do not need to attend.
Q: Can my child attend even if I am not registered at the Club?

No, only registered and paid members of the Club can attend. If you have any questions or are unsure if your membership has been finalized, please contact secretary@mountelizasoccerclub.com.au
Q: What date / time is the session for my child?

Depending on numbers, we have set aside the following dates and times for skills assessments to  run.

Q: What time should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 15-20mins early to enable us to complete the pre-assessment paperwork
Q: What age group is my child playing in?
If your child is 9 on 1st January, they are playing in the U10’s, if they are 10 on 1st January, they are  U11’s etc. Please attend the appropriate session for your age and not the age group you may have  played in before or wish to play in.
Q: Why is the club running a skills assessment?
The reason we do this at the beginning of the season is because all children grow and develop at  different rates and some kids have continued to play and attend skills development sessions outside  the club.
Q: What happens at the skills assessment on that day?
Stuart Munroe our Director of coaching and our head coaches will be leading a range of skill assessments, which then will help us ensure we have the right  players playing at the right level- this ensures we continue to grow and develop your child’s playing  ability. We are very aware that some children just want to play with their friends and that’s important, however we also have a responsibility to ensure your child plays at the right level. If a  child is too challenged, then there is a danger that they will either get injured or will simply not enjoy  the game. Please let your child know that the sessions will be fun and will help develop skills, we certainly don’t want children to feel under any pressure; soccer is fun and being in the right team  will ensure they get the most out of the games.

Q: Who decides which child plays in which team?
Stuart and his coaching team is accountable to ensure each team is balanced and that your child  is playing at the right level. This is done in conjunction with the coaches from last year. If your child  didn’t play at the club last year, it’s important that they attend one of the sessions which is being  organised.
Q: What do I do if I can’t attend any of these sessions?
Don’t worry, If you can’t attend any of these sessions, please email Richelle  mesc.registrar@gmail.com with some information about your child and if they have played before  etc. and then the Coaches will assess and determine which team your child will initially play in.
Q: I think my child is the next soccer star for Australia and should play at the highest level?
Every parent has an opinion on their child’s playing ability and we often see some parents who have  unrealistic expectations. Please bear in mind that Stuart is a professional soccer coach and runs a  professional soccer development program. Stuarts career spans more than 2 decades and he has not  only played in the Scottish Premier League but also holds various coaching roles with A League  Club’s. He has achieved the Football Association’s UEFA ‘C’ and ‘B’ Coaching License.
He is always observing the kids and will assess every child on the day and throughout the season to  ensure we continue to grow and develop your child. He looks for a range of attributes and therefore  his assessment isn’t just on their playing ability, it is also about their attitude and behaviors. Its  important for your child to always demonstrate these skills to ensure they develop fully. To get a  balanced team you need to ensure we have players who are balanced in their nature.
Q: What’s happens after the skills assessment?
Stuart will work with his head coach and the coaches who previously coached your child to ensure  we have the right child, playing in the right team at the right level. This is our priority and important  for your child’s development. The FFV Category is divided into 3 areas:

1. Kangaroos

Under 10's - Born in 2008, have played 3 years of Miniroos and have a strong grasp of football skills, or are born in 2007 and are beginning to develop their football skills.
Under 11's - Born in 2007, have played 4 years of Miniroos and have a strong grasp of football skills

2. Wallabies
Under 10's - Born in 2008, have played 1-3 years of Miniroos and are beginning to develop their skills, or are born in 2007 and have no previous experience in Miniroos.
Under 11's - Born in 2007, played 1 -4 years of Miniroos and are beginning to develop their football skills

3. Joeys
Under 10's -
Born in 2008, are first year players with no or little previous experience in Miniroos
Under 11's  -
Born in 2007, are first year players with no or little previous experience in Miniroos
We will confirm the teams with the coaches after the sessions and the coaches will start to  communicate to the parents after March 12th
Q: Where and When will training start?

Once the teams are confirmed, the operations team will work with coaches on training dates and times. They will communicate these after the 11th March.  Training should start the w/c 13th March and happen weekly.
Q: When does the season start?
The season generally starts after Easter and runs until early September.
What do I do if I have questions?
If you have specific questions about the player and team development, please email  footballcomms@mountelizasoccerclub.com.au
If you have a specific question about registration then please email Richelle at  mesc.registrar@gmail.com
Thank you for your support and we look forward to the coming season.